Friday 19 December 2014

iSaS project has published the documentation

iSaS - integrated Sanitation System

- an interdisciplinary student project of designers and environmental engineers at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Documentation of iSaS project
In context of a cooperation project between the master program Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Product Culture of the Bauhaus-Universitätniversity, four students worked together on the implementation of innovative and sustainable sanitation in the western society. The main challenge was to make the sustainable sanitation system acceptable for this new group of users. Through knowledge exchange, a shared research study and building user-scenarios together, three concept proposals for public sanitation facilities were created by the designers.

The facilities are especially thought for campsites. This scenario contributes extra to a successful introduction as people on holidays are normally more open for experiencing ‘new things’, thereby the user will use the facility more than once and can accustom to it. Also campsites are often located outside urban areas in nature. Therefor the new material cycle can even be closed in the direct surrounding. This is not only beneficiary for the acceptance of the new system, but also for the campsite itself.

In the facility the user will be confronted with the rising problems around the way we use our resources but is directly introduced to a viable solution. The three concepts all approach the information sharing unique ways and thereby serve different settings. Because of the interdisciplinary work in the team, it was able to integrate the facility in its respective surroundings. The Engineers were responsible for the material management and the designers dealt with the user- experience. The close cooperation was very important as the fields overlapped on many points. The students have profited a lot from the cooperation, what can clearly be seen in the result of their remarkable work.