Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Lecture "Masterplan Urban Development and Land-Use Plan for Battambang"

After the first field trip the student group from Germany had the chance to meet the president of UBB, Mrs Sieng Emtotim. She thanked all the students for coming the long way to Cambodia and sharing their interest and experience with the students form UBB and expressed her best wishes for the iReBa project. "Thank you so much for hosting this project!"

In the afternoon the iReBa team got more valuable input by Mr Imeng from GIZ about the current status of the masterplan for urban development and land-use in Battambang.

Battambang is the first and only city in Cambodia, which actually has developed a masterplan for urban planning. The masterplan still needs approval by the national government in Phnom Penh, which is due already. It became apparent, that urban planning should include an overall concept for infrastructure development as well. Therefore the iReBa project just comes at the right time to support this important step of development.

The lecture of Mr. Imeng has been very motivating and valuable for the project as it laid out the framework for the future development and pointed out the major local issues in Battambang.

With all this input of the day, the iReBa team was able to identify the main challenges and topics to work on for the next two weeks. More detailed evaluation and data collection has still to fill to many gaps of the whole picture. There is more to come...

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