Thursday, 8 May 2014

575 Million people on this planet could benefit from the iPiT®sanitation system

Almost one third of the world´s population (2.6 billion people) is lacking access to adequate sanitation. A huge number of projects and concepts for ecological sanitation systems try to mitigate the impact of the worldwide sanitary crisis.

Unfortunately most of these projects only reach a very small number of people due to limited funding periods, missing legal framework and among others also unavailable adapted technology. So far investors show no interest in investing into the development of technologies and concepts for sanitation system, as they do not realize a significant market potential.

Therefore it is natural to ask the question, how many people could actually be reached and could benefit from the iPiT® sanitation system, as it has been developed by the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar ?!

In a recently finished study this number has been estimated with a surprising result: Based on the number of people without access to sanitation, the research group estimated the part of this population, which lives in circumstances suitable for the implementation of the iPiT® sanitation system. Certain minimal criteria, such as the economical-societal level of the people, education, legal framework, political stability, spatial urban structures and more have been considered in the study. Those criteria were seen as limiting factors and needed to be fulfilled before potentially allow for the implementation of  an iPiT system, e.g. countries in civil war, too low economic level or other limiting frame conditions were excluded from the estimation.

Yet still, an estimated 575 million people (25% of all 2.6 B without access to sanitation) could be reached by an integrated, resource-based sanitation system such as the iPiT sanitation system.

Is there anybody out there seeing a potential to invest here and help to mitigate the sanitary crisis?

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