Wednesday 7 May 2014

The iPiT® sanitation system is by far the most economic solution for Ger settlements in Mongolia

In order to examine the economic efficiency of the iPiT® sanitation system in Bag7 (Darkhan), a dynamic cost comparison has been undertaken using an international standardized method. Different sanitation concepts and depreciation times up to 40 years have been evaluated, whereby the collection and transport of domestic solid waste has been included additionally in all the sanitation concepts.

All investment costs, costs for planning, collection, transport, salery of staff, administration, capacity development, re-investments, inflation, maintenance etc. have been considered in order to achieve the most possible realistic results in the calculation. The results showed clearly, that the iPiT® sanitation system is most cost-effective among all the considered sanitation concepts and all depreciation periods.

In a further step, a preliminary planning for a conventional sewage system for Bag7 has been done. With the help of this planning a quantity survey has been done and a detailed bill of quantity has been generated and handed over to several construction companies in Mongolia in a tender process. The Mongolian companies were informed, that the tender process will not lead to an assignment in order to avoid price dumping. This was important in order to being able to calculate realistic construction costs.

Preliminary sewage network bag7, Darkhan

The evaluation of the tender documents showed, that the investment costs alone for a conventional sewage system for Bag7 are at least 10 times higher, than the investment costs for the iPiT sanitation system, which has been developed in the MoMo2 research project!

With the help of the dynamic cost comparison model it became apparent, that the overall costs for the iPiT sanitation system for bag 7 including its complete operation over 40 years are lower (!), than the investment costs of a conventional sewage system alone !!! 

iPiT in action - exchange of container and transport in harsh Mongolian winter

Therefore the iPiT® sanitation system is also from an economic stand point the most useful solution for Ger settlements in Mongolia !

(Further remark: The conventional system requires a private water-flush toilet, which was not included in the cost estimate. A separated, permanently heated room for the WC to function in the winter time is required. This is not affordable for many of the residents in the Ger settlements.)

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